Kutokana na umoja tulionesha kwa Idris na Happiness Watimanya ‘Tanzania ni mfano wa kuiga’ asema mrembo wa Burundi

Diamond Platnumz na Idris Sultan wameiweka Tanzania kwenye ramani ya dunia baada ya ushindi wao wa tuzo ya Channel O na Big Brother Afrika.

Lakini hayo yote yasingewezekana bila ushirikiano uliooneshwa na Watanzania katika kuwapigia kura. Mwamko huo umeendelea kuonekana pia katika kumpigia kampeni Miss Tanzania, Happiness Watimanywa. Umoja huo umemkuna mrembo wa Burundi anayeishi nchini Sweden, Nella Neth.

I love me a beautiful, smart and eloquent lady… she makes me wanna be Tanzanian right now,” ameandika Nella kwenye ukurasa wake wa Facebook.

‪#‎happiness4missworld‬ I can’t get enough of her gracefulness. Hope she wins…. by the way Burundi should take example from Tanzanians… Yall support each other so much like you do everything possible to put your country on the map… sorry to say this but when a Burundian see you progressing all they can do is to ignore and talk shit!!…. Not all of them are like that but in general…. The support tanzania gave to ‪#‎IdrisSultan‬ for Bigbrother africa is a simple example of pure ‪#‎Unity‬. We need to learn from them.

And seriously thanks for my Tanzanian brothers and sisters for always showing me love when I am not even from ur country. That shows how genuine you guys are. God bless yall. Anyway…Good luck to Miss Happiness bring that crown home. #‎iamsupportingmyeastafricansister‬. Burundi it’s time for a change.”


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