Video: Houston Rapper Doughbeezy Manages To Shoot & Kill 1 Assailant Despite Being Pistol Whipped During Home Invasion Robbery

Houston rapper Doughbeezy walked right into the middle of a home invasion robbery on Tuesday, January 20, and was almost killed.

When he went to visit a friend in The Heights, he noticed a man hiding by a trash can. A scuffle ensued as Doughbeezy fought with 2 gunmen.

Dwan Banks, owner of Rapture Recordz, told the Houston Chronicle that when she pulled into the driveway of her home there was a fight taking place. She recognized one of the men as Doughbeezy, real name Tai Carr, because he’s her son’s friend.

“Get back in the car, you’re being robbed!” he warned her.
By that time it was too late. The thieves forced Banks and her kids into her home. Banks recognized one of the thieves. He was a relative of an ex-boyfriend.

Despite being pistol whipped Doughbeezy managed to get to the trunk of his car and retrieve a gun. He shot and killed one of the thieves. The other one fled on foot, but was later caught by police at a nearby Wendy’s restaurant. He was identified as 23-year-old Marquez Romero Heckard.
The dead gunman’s identity has not been released.
Doughbeezy posted, then deleted details of the incident on his Instagram page.

When the gunman got instructed to shoot me, he froze. When they tried to kidnap me in my own car, I was able to fight my way out the car before being pistol whipped. After being pistol whipped, my friend and her family pulled up and we all got instructed to go in the house and that’s when God made a way for to break loose and make it back to my trunk for my pistol. If I never was able to break away for my trunk, I wouldn’t be here today telling you this story.

Stop and take a second to thank God for very thing you have. And when you’re done, take a moment to tell your family and the people close to you that you love them. My daughter will be born in a week and if it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be here to see her to see her take her first breath. #Blessed

 Paul Wall, a friend of Doughbeezy’s, told Fox 26 he was happy the situation didn’t turn out worse.

“I definitely see Doughbeezy as a hero for standing up for his friends, his family and his own life. And for protecting himself,” Wall said. “Thank God we have the gun laws we do. He was able to have a gun on him.”

Doughbeezy and his representatives have said he won’t be commenting further on the case.
A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department says the case will go before a Harris County grand jury as a result of the deadly shooting.


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